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Writing Ideas

Someone asked me this week where I come up with ideas to write about for my blog posts and articles. I told them that I usually find that my ideas come from external stimulation: a conversation, reading an article, watching television, or listening to a client.  There are times however when I come up empty. Or I think I’ve used up my quota of good ideas for the week. It isn’t writer’s block – it’s just that I have no thoughts or reaction – yet.

Those who know me know that I rarely describe myself as a writer in spite of the fact that –

·        I’m a published author (my book Power Tools for Women®: Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life is still in print)

·        I contribute to the Baltimore Business Journal on a routine basis

·        I contribute to CityBizList every other week

·        I write a Quarterly Newsletter every three months

·        I write THIS blog every other week (or so)

·        I Tweet every week day.

I actually have a job where most of the time I’m required to talk and listen skillfully on a variety of management skills, interpersonal effectiveness strategies, and empowerment techniques. The writing comes about because it helps get my ideas across in written form, improves my visibility, and promotes my thinking to others.

This part of ‘the job’ requires skills that seem to isolate me. Like so many others writers who may be more naturally suited to authorship that I am, I write alone, at a computer screen. I edit, revise, revamp, put it away and return to it later, send it out to someone else to react or proof read and the submit or post.  I want the finished product to be smart, funny, clever, and stimulating, and thought provoking.

Sometimes it is. Sometimes, it comes close, and sometimes, it’s as good as it can be, which is OK at best.

I really prefer to discuss, listening and learning from and about others, and articulate my thinking. My hope is that Reader’s will read, offer feedback, and pass some of the articles/postings along to others to move the conversation along. The interaction is what makes me think and the thinking is what gives me more ideas – which I need in order to write.

I hope you’ll help me out.

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