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Write On!

I’m a speaker and a listener by profession. I’m a writer by necessity.

I started writing so that people could have reference materials after training programs and presentations. It allowed them to focus to what I was saying instead of note taking and it allowed me some control over what information they walked away with for future reference.

I wrote articles about topics I knew about so readers and prospective clients and referral sources would see me as knowledgeable. I could convey my voice and my perspective and if it mirrored someone elses or intrigued them, I’d be contacted and use that as a springboard for increasing my professional network.

I became an author because I had some things to say about empowerment and women were and still are interested in the topic. I was fortunate that an agent, an editor and a publishing house thought I had something worthwhile to say too. Power Tools for Women®: Plugging into the Essential Skills for Work and Life is a reality.

While I don’t often refer to myself as a published author (and if I do — it’s last on the list), I am one.

Today I compose a quarterly newsletter, a bi-monthly blog for CityBizList that is seen in 11 markets, THIS bi-monthly blog. Power Tools (it used to be weekly but I didn’t think anyone would notice or care if I aimed for a few less), an occasional contribution to the Baltimore Business Journal, and daily tweets.

It’s a lot for someone who doesn’t think of themselves as a writer, don’t you think?

I know that it’s part of being visible and heard about the fray. I want to let people know about content that I think they might relate to and care about. I want to provide support in the area of interpersonal effectiveness. I have to work hard so that people who are interested can locate me.  

In the past I’ve worked with people who have helped me find outlets for my contributions. I’ve had articles published in print and e-zines, and newsletters. I’ve been interviewed on radio and have been a contributor on television.  

It’s not really what I do, but I do it so people will know what I do!

I was once told that if I stopped, people might wonder what ever happened to me. They would assume that I was no longer in business.  I guess that means that I will keep writing.

What it really means that no matter how busy I get, I have to spend a certain percentage of my time writing. If I can’t think of something I deem worthwhile to say, I have to figure out how to get creative so I can come up with something.

So thank you for those of you who inspire me, cause me to ponder, make me wonder, stimulate my curiosity and imagination, and challenge me.

I may not think of myself as a writer but luckily I inhabit a world with plenty to write about.

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