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Vision vs Mission: Get It Right

If you, or folks in your organization aren’t sure about the difference between a Vision and a Mission, you have lots of company. People might bandy about the terms like EVERYONE knows the difference, but back them into a corner for a definition, and you might hear a lot of esoteric buzzwords and organizational paraphrasing, revealing that they can’t really tell you.

And if it can’t be explained – how can you understand it, embrace it or follow it?

So for all of us who get the terms confused, can’t help anyone understand the difference, or aren’t quite sure ourselves, I’d like to help out.





TIMETalks about the organization’s present


Talks about the organization’s future
FUNCTIONLists the broad goals for which the organization is formedLists where the organization sees itself some years from now


ABOUTTalks about HOW the organization will get to where it wants to be


Outlines where the organization wants to be.

VISION: Your vision is an idealized state for your organization. It is the big picture of what you want for the future and encompasses the mission, values, goals, and objectives.


MISSION: Your mission is the nuts and bolts of the vision. Mission is the who, what, and why of your organizational experience.

Some of my clients like the ‘resume analogy’ I use, so I’ll share that with you:

The Vision is like the objective that many people have at the top of the resume: it’s the future state of your employment, the job you see for yourself in the future (preferably the near future.).  All of your experiences, employers, accomplishments, educational preparation, awards, certifications and community service should support why that Vision is possible.

Your vision should promote alignment, commitment, and purpose. Want to know how? Contact me and we can talk about a Vision for that!!

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