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Too, Too Too

I admit that I’ve been told that there are times when I’m too energetic, too quick, too task focused, and ask too many questions. I’ve been too short, too old, too young, and there are others ‘”toos” that are (you guessed it) too numerous to name. It tends to make me more patient with others who may be too much of something or other. Lately I’ve found that I prefer to steer clear when people are too, too, too, well – simply too much: Some folks are too ambitious.  Ambition is fine. In fact it can be downright great. It fuels professionals to grow, earn, and learn.  But when the ambition is naked, it becomes the person who climbs over others to get to the goal. I now steer clear of people who cause me to worry about footprints on my back. There are people who are too insecure.  Every person I know has something about which they feel insecure. It helps me sleep at night knowing that I’m not alone on that score. When every conversation feels like ‘Show and Tell,’ then the person’s need to show me how much they know, who they know, and what they spend is not a conversation at all. When it’s all about them, then it’s all about what they want ME to think about THEM. I wind up thinking that they are overly worried about what I think about them. And oddly enough – even though I may not have given them much thought before — after that experience, they are probably right to worry. It seems as if there are more and more people who are too self-focused. Most of us give thought to how we come across. Defining, articulating, and promoting your brand takes up lots of space in business publications these days and I know that many of us spend a fair amount of time giving this topic some thought. The person who is so clear about what they need to put across that they don’t pick up any clues or cues from the environment and other people about whether that fits at the time or not  isn’t just socially unaware. These individuals are so focused on their own needs that they march forward at the expense of others and almost never even know it.  I’m tired of seeking polite ways to say ‘not now.’ When it was just a few people that I ran into that behaved like this, I chalked it up to lack of emotional intelligence, inadequate social awareness, or simple maturity. But lately I’ve come across too many “Too” people, (and found that others have too) that I’m rethinking the strategy of patience and understanding.  I’m not sure they’d notice a hand stretched out in front of them, creating a ‘stop’ signal – but maybe I should road test it and see.

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