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To Tell the Truth

Not everyone likes to hear the truth. Some people really do prefer that little white lie. Sometimes that little white lie can take me down a path I didn’t want to go. If I tell you that I’m fine with playing cards because you like to play cards and I wnt to be nice and spend some time with you, I may find that I am your new pinochle pal. And keeping track of white lies can be a lot of work. In fact, I have a very hard time keeping track of all my different passwords so the thought of keeping track of who I gently fibbed to might really stress me out.

Total honesty sounds appealing to some folks, but the blow back from total candor can be problematic. One thing I know with almost 100% certainty – tell the unvarnished truth and people think you’re a jerk. Once they think you are a jerk, you get fewer calls, fewer customers, fewer clients, fewer friends, fewer assignments, fewer engaged and excited employees – you see where this can lead?

Honesty is not always so clear to us.  Telling the truth is not the same thing as giving an opinion. Opinion’s should be owned (I feel, I think) but some people don’t want honest OR truth. But if you have created a foundation where people know that you truly care about their growth and well bring, are an advocate for their success and want to remove hurdles or barriers to goals and accomplishments, then even when it’s hard to hear, they know that you are guided by respect and their best interest.

Wanting to improve a situation should not be covert.

Thought should be given to how you communicate.

Without rapport, the truth can be harsh

Humor and disclosure help build trust – and trust helps diminish the chance you will be thought of as a jerk.


Boy, I sure hope that last one is the truth!

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