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To Blog or Not to Blog

I made the commitment to write a weekly Blog when I started my social media presence in earnest. The word BLOG is a combination of the words WEB and LOG. It’s basically a record of my thoughts that is posted on the Internet.

Whether you think instant and world-wide publication that is largely not vetted is a good thing is an interesting discussion point, but just like trying to put toothpaste pack in the tube, it’s really too late to stop the trend.  There are Bloggers who write about events as they are happening. Some wait for the dust to settle and with a little hindsight – attempt to put their thoughts into a larger context.  No matter what the writers view – the goal is to keep readers up to date with what the author is thinking about.  More informal and casual than traditional writers who get paid and have their work vetted, Blogs can get the word out, keep people in touch, inform, entice, or inflame.

A Blog should be in your ‘voice.’ I found mine (in written form) when I wrote my book over 10 years ago. Not totally corporate but not totally informal either, my voice is consistent with not just who I am when I talk to someone in person – but with how I want to be known.

I was told that once you start a BLOG you have to stay with it. People come back to check it and if they have already read the post, they might come back once or twice, but over time, people are busy and they’ll move on to what’s new and fresh. So I aim for posting once a week.  And as I go through the week, I think about what might be of interest to readers: something I’ve learned,  what I’m doing with a client, my take on what is going on in my area of expertise, a issue that is in the news that has to do with my work, or a question I’m mulling over.  If it’s personal, I connect it to my area of expertise or something everyone can relate to.  No one cares all that much about my personal life and I tend to like to keep some of the private things private. I’m old school enough to think that my friends are people I’d know if we met up.

A Blog is a conversation. Granted, I don’t always know if my Blog is being read or what people are thinking when they read them. But there is room for people to leave comments. Some send me emails or connect via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. I’d like more readers/followers, but more than that — I prefer to treat people like the adults they are (no matter how they act). If I provide something (to read) of value, I trust that they will continue to read/follow/pass it along.  So I continue to write and post in the hopes that you’re out there, reading and thinking.

If you have question or observations that I can respond and write about, send it along.  I’d like to hear your thoughts. I’d like to think about what YOU have to say. It could end up in a Blog post!

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