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Time Out for Not Too Much

Did you take a vacation this summer? Maybe you took a Staycation. Perhaps it was just a long weekend.  Breaking away from the usual routine can be good for both the body and the soul.

I love the learning, going, doing kind of trips where you get exposed to a new place with different activities to try, a variety of new things to see, exploring a new location, culture or food, and finding things you’ve only read or heard about.

Last week, however, I took a week to go to a cottage on Keuka Lake, in the Finger Lake area of New York State. Quiet, peaceful, and calming, I spent a week not rushing around. We all didn’t rush around.

I read books, hit the local wineries for tastings (and purchasing), drank morning coffee on the deck, grilled dinner, ate local fruits and vegetables, kayaked, went tubing, gazed at stars, played games, and saw friends and family. I hiked through Watkins Glen, tried new drinks, walked around Main Street, explored small shops, and went for walks that went no place special.

We all slowed down and had uninterrupted conversations. We laughed a lot. A guitar was produced and we sang songs.  No phone, little email, and the television was never turned on. The chipmunks, the families of ducks, and the hummingbirds seemed interesting enough.

The usual annoyances and irritants seemed to fade away. No one was rushing off so there was time to listen, ask questions, and ask follow-up questions. We fell asleep and woke to the sound of waves lapping on the beach and against the dock. There was calmness and we seemed to breathe deeper.

I am back now, easing into the end of summer. Other than a case of wines and some coconut curry chocolate (paired with the right red wine, it’s pretty amazing stuff and tastes better than you might think), I have only a few photographs. The usual routine will start sneaking in to the day – so it’s good to have had a chance to take a time out for longer than a few hours.

Sometimes doing something that is not the usual preference, is a good thing. I didn’t think about work, my appearance, the internet, my clients, or following up. I didn’t plan much. I just looked around.

Taking a ‘time out’ requires some discipline – and allows for appreciation.

That makes it worthwhile.

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