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When I first started writing this Blog, I was advised that once I started, I would need to continue with some regularity. Once a week was suggested and since I tend to like some predictability and routine to my usual life of unpredictability, I was fine with that.

The variety of work that I do provides lots of things to write about. The Clients are varied and interesting, the training program participants are diverse and challenging, the consulting  and one-on-one work often tests me in new ways, and the interaction I have often make for tricky maneuvering and offer interesting things to write about.

Sometimes, however, I come up with ideas that don’t excite me. Not enough to write about. I figure if they don’t excite ME, I’d have an even harder time exciting anyone who reads it.

I know many ways to stimulate creativity. I have conducted training programs on the subject. I could ‘walk the talk’ and try some of those exercises.

I also know how to get closer to the topic of what excites me about what I do professionally.  I’m good at finding the common thread and theme to things that interest and stimulate me whether it’s projects, or people.

I am keenly aware that there are times when I should just let things BE. Not in the Zen kind of way – although there is some truth to that in letting things BE. I want to really just allow this natural state of not creating and not producing it’s time.  It doesn’t happen all that often.

There are times I have to plan some ‘slack’ time but it gets used up with things that I need to do when I am not doing something I’ve planned to do. Catching up, finishing work, getting something out to someone, following up – my ‘slack time’ ends up being used for the things I need to get to. It doesn’t really stay slack.

So here it is!

I should use it wisely. I should do nothing and enjoy it while it lasts. It rarely lasts long enough!

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