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Put It Off

If you want to avoid success, annoy your friends, and confound your colleagues, try procrastination.

Playing the part of perfectionist and putting obstacle in your own path is the best way to sabotage your career and reputation. So why do people continue to put things off?

Procrastination is a choice. You don’t arrive for appointments on time, register for events by the deadline, cash those gift certificates before the y expire and repeatedly ask for extensions for your income tax filing. If these kinds of things happen frequently to you, it’s not a problem – it’s your chosen lifestyle

People who putt things off are not poor planners. It’s not a genetic predisposition; deferring things is a learned behavior. Whether emulating an  ‘always late and have to make an entrance’ mother,  rebelling against an over controlling father,  or friends who tolerate your excuses, dawdling is really poor self-regulation.

And folks who continually put things off may be a tad optimistic about their ability to avoid annoying others.

I may not know if you just like the rush you feel when you scramble at the last minute. Maybe you want to avoid making a poor choice, fear success or fear failure, want to see if a better option might present itself in time,  or don’t want to be found out if the result isn’t exemplary. I do know however, that the impact of your procrastination on me can start out as annoying, grow to be exasperating, and eventually, I’m infuriated.

You’ve probably heard the old joke about the group of procrastinators who wanted to meet, but kept putting it off.  Funny, right? But if I miss commitments and deadlines because someone else has missed deadlines and commitments, I’m not laughing.

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