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Patience – NOW!

The microwave isn’t heating things up fast enough for me this week. My computer is taking to long to load websites and pages. I seem to be running everywhere I go – including up any stairs that I encounter.

The ability to tolerate waiting without becoming agitated is called patience and I am in short supply this week. I’m not feeling calm when things take longer than I want or don’t turn out as I had planned. .

Usually, I’m pretty OK with patience. But this week, it seems harder than usual to come by.

What I know is that to acquire or accomplish anything worthwhile, patience is a critical component.

When I possess patience:

I’m less stressed. Less stress in my life means I’m happier. My skin appears healthier, my digestive system is better and I don’t speed in the car, run up the stairs, or row like I’m in an Olympic trial. Emotionally and intellectually, I’m more able to deal with the little stresses AND the big stresses.

I make better decisions when I am patient. I take the time to listen, assess things, ask questions, and weigh the pluses and minuses of situations. I make fewer mistakes because I’m calmly thinking and not acting in haste. I deliberate.

I have more compassion when I have patience. I am more understanding of others and allow them to be where they are, rather than pressuring them along because I don’t have sufficient time to give them. Patience makes me a better consultant, and also a better sister, wife, mother, and friend.

So I need patience RIGHT NOW!!
Here is what I know about how to develop patience:

I have to be mindful that I am being patient. I have to breath deeper (both inhale AND exhale), observe myself, identify how I am exhibiting patience (and pat myself on the back for those behaviors) and do that one day at a time (or one hour at a time!)

I should slow down. Go the speed limit or 5 miles under the speed limit. Walk up the stairs rather than bound. Use the oven rather than the microwave. Take 5 minutes between each phone call. Close my eyes while I’m standing in line. Put on some enjoyable and relaxing music. Sip decaffeinated coffee and chew my food slowly.

If I don’t HAVE to do something right now/today – put it off. Ask myself – ‘other than ME, who else cares if this doesn’t get completed today?”

Suck air!! Stop talking and inhale. Pause, count to ten, or leave those situations where I can feel my stomach tightening up.


Patience is not a passive skill. I have to actively BE patient. It requires self-discipline. I’m going to get some of that — perhaps not immediately, but soon, and later!

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