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It is not Oprah who I think of when I recall who it was that first told me to find my passion. Although I do remember her telling me that if I could find my passion and ‘do it’, work would never feel like work.

I had many passions when I was younger, and it was my Dad who talked to me about passion, work, and reality.  In spite of the hardships and challenges, he loved being a salesman in the rag (garment)-trade. He wanted me to love what I did too. However, ever the realist and pragmatist, he admonished me to find my passion AND make sure it meant something to someone else too. They would pay me for work that involved my passion and I could pay my bills.

I noted with interest that in my Leadership Think Tank group on LinkedIn there was a posting from Vivek Ranadive, CEO of SIBCOSoftware  via Forbes.

Ranadive cautions that telling people today to find their passion is sending them on a fool’s errand.  He suggests that true happiness is not about finding your passion, but is in finding the passion in what you are doing on a daily basis. Rather than search for the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, look for finding that rainbow today, in what you are doing now.

It’s a pivot that allows people to focus on what they are doing rather than on what they might do. For engagement to work, we need to connect what we do with what we feel good about doing.

Can you make the connection?

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