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No Day But Today

If you write regularly, then you know there are times when inspiration takes a holiday. While you may have a deadline (self OR other imposed) the creative juices are not flowing freely.

  • No one has said anything annoying or inspirational.
  • You haven’t read anything that causes you to react or reflect.
  • You think you’ve already gone through all your really good ideas and are now left with the not-very-good ideas.
  • There is an interesting topic that you are toying with but doubt that anyone but your mother (who thinks everything you do is interesting) would find it appealing.

So when I hit an inspirational wall, I do the things that motivate my creativity.

I talk to people and try to generate conversations about specific topics. I surf the internet using key words that include subjects I know about or want to learn more about. I check LinkedIn and other social media sites to see what’s trending. I go for a walk if the weather is nice, thumb through books and magazines I’ve read, and even clean out a drawer, just to get my mind traveling in a different direction.

Usually it works. I come up with an idea, or a new take on an old subject, or relay a recent experience that taught me something about myself or others.

But not this week.

This week I’ve mostly been thinking about the Boston Marathon bombing, the terrorist plots uncovered and prevented from being carried out, the finger pointing, the blame, the fear, and the ‘throwing hands up’ in despair, frustration, and impotency. I stopped watching and listening to the talking heads.

To generate a completely different thought process,  I often turn to music. It takes me into memories and spurs my imagination.   I think about that line from the Broadway musical Rent: No Day But Today. I like to think I remember that often: how precious life is and how I treasure the people that are part of my life. I know I’m fortunate.

We all like to think we have control in our lives and in our future.  We make plans accordingly.

But I also know that I really have no day but today.


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