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You want data?

There are folks who trust their gut. If something feels right, it’s right. I work with people all the time who hear examples of situations and combined with their own experiences and what I share with them about my experiences, they believe certain things to be true.

Other folks like data.  In fact, regardless of what I say, you say, or ANYONE says, the only believe the data. While it’s true that data, like opinion, can be slanted to convey a certain picture, it always seems that seeing it in black and white numbers and percentages makes a case stronger.

So I wasn’t surprised to read in a recent issue of T&D (Training & Development) Magazine that 26% of new managers feel unprepared to take on the management role. My experience with clients puts it at a much higher percentage. There is a lack of preparation, training, support, and mentoring that new managers report anecdotally in my interactions. While many get training and support for operations, processes and procedures, there is an absence in the areas of conflict resolution, motivation, leadership of teams, and providing feedback.

Interestingly, regardless of what the managers think, nearly 60% of their bosses think they are doing just fine!  And it’s was reported that 50% of employees think top management is doing a good job. The 50% not so thrilled with the bosses performance report that leaders don’t communicate enough, have unrealistic ideas about what the amount of work teams can handle well, and don’t provide enough training, development or support.

So it makes me wonder – what should get our attention:

  • Manager’s don’t think they are prepared well for the job, or
  • The Executives and Employees think they are doing OK?

It’s a challenge to determine a single truth with so many perspectives of it. But how it looks (just fine) isn’t always how it is (flying by the seat of my pants).

If you want to support Managers, what could/should/will you do?

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