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Limber up!

Many of my current clients are tired of talking about ‘these tough economic times’ but it appears that these are the times we are in. Some of the struggle is because there are no simple answers to the challenges they are facing. Income down, operating costs up, talents stretched (sometimes beyond their capability) and clients and customers looking for more.  It begs the question –

Do situations influence good leadership or is it the other way around??

Having worked with organizational leaders of all strips for many(many) years, I’m of the mind that there is no ONE right way to lead. The best style of leadership often depends on the situation. It begs the question – what style is best for what situation.

  • If you need the full support of the team (or Executive Board), what kind of leadership style works best?
  • If you need to make hard decision quickly, what’s the best style approach?
  • What situations call for a leader to be more people oriented than task oriented (and vice versa)?
  • What leadership is needed to a total organizational overhaul or redesign?

There are lots (and lots!) or theories about leadership and even more books about them. The style of Transformational Leader is one that often appears to fit the largest variety of situations.  They possess and demonstrate integrity, communicate clear goals, model good behavior, and expect the best in others.  Above all else, Transformational leaders are highly skilled in motivating others and they are trusted. Through encouragement, support 9actual and tacit) recognition they inspire others.

Since there is no ONE right leadership approach – don’t be fooled; the Transformational Leader isn’t always the best approach. Leaders need to take into consideration the skills and level of experience of the team, their own preferred (or default) style of leadership, the kind of work involved (innovative, totally new, routine, outdated), and the workplace (culture, change-hardy) itself.

The best leaders change their style up depending on the people they lead, the work that needs to get done. Knowing about the variety of style options out there make the most flexible leader.

What do you know about being an Autocratic, Bureaucratic, Charismatic, Democratic, Laissez-faire, Relationship based, Servant, Task-oriented, or Transactional leader?

How flexible leader are you?

Contact me – I can help you get more limber.

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