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Leaking Windows

Hurricane Sandy will be the topic of many blogs for the next several weeks. There are people who have lost homes and businesses, streets that are under water or sand, and challenges for everyone involving transportation, heat, power, and connectivity. The impact will be felt for many months and much like after Katrina, some things will be rebuilt, some will be improved, and some are forever gone.

I didn’t lose power and I didn’t lose internet. (Thank you BGE and Verizon). I did have three very leaky windows. Luckily, with power comes the ability to run the dryer so I was able to manage ‘towel rotation’ and replace soaked towels with dry ones from Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon.

The challenge with leaky windows is that you don’t know they are going to leak. It requires enduring torrents of unrelenting rain and strong gusts of wind that force water into any opening, no matter how minute or hidden. You learn through experience – which is not always fun.

The same lesson applies to a few of the clients that I’m working with this season. It’s hard to predict how well your employees are going to manage until they are ‘in the storm.’  Even a manager who has 20 –some-odd years of experience can come up against a unique set of circumstances and personalities that test their ability to manage, lead, and produce both successful results and successful relationships.

It’s only when you are tested that you know for sure.

I didn’t know these three windows in different parts of the house leaked until Hurricane Sandy showed up. The only reason I checked them was because I heard a drip-drip-dripping sound from one window and figured that if one window could surprise me with a leak, other windows could as well.

I spent most of Monday night checking and re-checking windows sills, tops, and sides. I was concerned about the leaks I had and worried that I would develop more.

There are lessons for us all in the storm that came through this past week. If yours was a minor challenge like mine was, I hope you have the time, energy, and compassion to reach out to those for whom the challenge is major.

Leaky windows are a pain – but not a huge test. I dodged a bullet and I know it.  There could be a ‘next time’ and the outcome could be different.

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