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Leading Change Right This Time

January is the start for many people to begin a new year with a fresh approach. Attractive goals have been articulated, written up, posted where they can be seen – and now it’s time to take those first steps to making them a reality. Additionally, new employees are frequently hired to implement a new strategy, project, initiative, product, or process that will change things for the better.

While many people like the idea of change, people in general often don’t like what’s required of them to execute the change. There are things that can make the difference between success and wheel spinning if you want to move the needle and start taking steps to making a change more than an idea:

  • Lead – Leaders need to inspire confidence in the goal and the plan to attain the goal. They should create clarity and a sense of community and alignment among all employees.
  • Communicate – Communication fosters understanding. It should be frequent, two-way, and support employee actions
  • Learn – People need to know what is required of them and have the education and training needed to attain the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to change and be effective in their new roles.
  • Measure – Knowing what success looks like and where the starting line is identifies what kind of progress is being made.
  • Involve – Opportunities to be part of the change and shape the new direction encourages ownership.
  • Sustain – A change in behavior should be reinforces over time so that what was once new becomes the new standard.

Focus on successful execution requires a discipline that few leaders appear to possess. Getting two thirds of the way there, is not the same as a successfully managed transition. Whether it’s due to a short attention span, lack of stamina, a lack of accountability for true completion, or competing priorities, the leader who is as enthusiastic at the end as they are at the beginning of a change is rare.

You can be the leader who is successful at efficiently managing and leading change in your  organization. If you want to implement a change and be more effective and efficient leading that imitative , let me know.   I’d like to work with you to support that effort.


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