Joni Daniels

Are You Too Late? Ask Most CEO’s this simple question…

Ask most CEO’s what the big issue is for 2018 and they’ll tell you that it’s talent management. Everyone knows that it’s important. Many organizations have a Director of Talent Management or have an entire department dedicated to it. Everyone at executive levels talks about the investment they all are making for the future and that translates into ‘talent management is important.’

Important – but not urgent.

Once the CEO has a person or a department specifically designated for talent management it’s taken care of. It might be part of Human
Resources so someone there can be in charge of it. Some senior
leaders might mentor a few high potential employees so talent
management is now taken care of for those folks. Everyone can check it off their ‘to-do’ list.

It’s not easy to make talent management feel like a pressing issue today – rather than ‘some day’.

But it IS an important issue right now. You need talented people doing essential things right away and there are ways you can get everyone to tackle the issue of talent management now: 








The ability to attract, retain and develop people is more critical now than ever. Talent scarcity may still be a concern, but the focus is now on engagement and empowerment. Employees are in charge today so everyone who hires and manages needs to be thinking about a work place that; honors, respects and empowers everyone. Look for the people that ‘fit’ – and then provide them with the support that will engage and empower them to succeed. 

If you think a training program or a facilitated conversation about motivating, engaging and empowering people makes sense for your organization, we can provide you with that service and create a customized program. Contact me so I can help you develop the right approach.