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It’s Not Small Stuff

As the holiday season advances, so does the push for connection. People want to meet up before the end of the year, review 2014, talk about what might be possible for 2015. Some of it is social and celebratory, some feels like a tying up of loose ends, and some is routine end of the year behavior.

It’s not a bad thing to take stock of relationships. Some of our connections need to be pruned back. They are not providing the result we had hoped for or expected. Some relationships need to be tended to with more loving care so no one feels taken advantage of or overlooked.

Periodic assessment of who you are spending your time with allows you to examine if what you say (‘you are important to me’) matches up well with what you do (“I can’t remember the last time we talked’).

Some of us will use a broad brush to spread holiday cheer: a printed holiday card, a gift card gift, or a email broadcast. Others will send hand written notes, make plans to get together, or host a party. There are even those who will do little or nothing, too focused on other things to concede that the winter holidays could be a time for anything out of the usual routine.

If you don’t acknowledge the people in your life that make it better at any other time of year, why do it now? Because it’s not about when you do it – it’s about THAT you do it. Being appreciated is always appreciated. Being noticed for contributions can bring a smile to someone’s day. It may seem like small stuff to you but because it happens so rarely, it isn’t a small thing to someone else.

Appreciation doesn’t have to be broadcast on Facebook, recommended on LinkedIn or Retweeted on Twitter. It can be a call, a note, or a touch on the arm, with eye contact and a smile. You can do it any time of year.

No one gets tired of being told they make a positive difference.

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