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If I Had Known

I like to connect with people in-person. It’s my preferred mode of interaction when I have the time so I work to make the time when I can. With coffee, wine, a meal, or simply with a table between us, I find that it is the most efficient way to communicate at all levels.

Recently, I was catching up with someone I hadn’t seen in a while and asked if there had been any trips or vacations since we had last met. I learned that she and her husband had hiked thought the Alps. I was eager to hear more.

She told me about the beauty, the cows that look exactly like they came straight out of a picture of what you’d expect cows grazing in the Alps to look like, and the charming places they stayed.  Then she said “It’s was the most amazing experience of my life.  And if I had known how challenging it was going to be – I probably wouldn’t have done it.  I am so glad I did. It was a real achievement.”

I grabbed my pen to jot her words down.  I revealed that it would probably be a blog post.  I found her words to be telling and true.

Some of the most amazing accomplishments in life teach us about what we are capable of when pushed.  What a surprise  – when finding ourselves in a position that call on us to dig deep, explore and expand what we know about ourselves – to discover our hidden potential. Had someone told us how hard things would be, we would have chosen something less challenging. Yet it can be exhilarating to find that we have reserves of power, strength, intelligence, poise, stamina, and resiliency.

Learning what we can do when pushed, (even if not a choice) or by pushing ourselves, allows us to be braver in the face of struggle or challenge.  We can be proud of rising and passing new tests. It doesn’t have to be a physical trial. It could be a professional struggle, an interpersonal challenge, a life changing event, a medical hurdle, or an economic ordeal.

If you see it coming, or get the choice, you could select the easier option. If you had known – you might have opted for the safer and more comfortable choice. Sometimes that can be the wiser option.

And sometimes, you don’t know. A d what you learn about yourself is invaluable.



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