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Give Me a Break and Take a Break

Summer is synonymous with vacation – just ask one who has ever attended school! June, July and August mean taking a break from the routine and taking advantage of nicer weather by getting away (or sometimes just not doing the usual). Vacation often means enjoying nature: getting out of the classroom and office and spending time at the beach, the lake, near water, in a local or national park, on a hill or in the mountains.

WaileawalkSummer also means that OTHER people take time off creating challenges and stress at work. People are already trying to do more with less. The ‘lean and mean’ machines are actually producing people who are mean. Summer at work used to be a little more laid back and relaxed but many find that June. July, and August create more stress, angst, and an increase in work.

There are many benefits to taking a break and getting out of the office:

Spending time with people deepens relationships. Time together creates memories, provides time to talk with one another and perhaps have deeper conversations, learn about each other. and discover new things about people we think we know pretty well. Time together as a family adds to the foundation for the family.

Play makes people happy. It can be a challenge to find time to play and a vacation allows for feelings of anticipation, pleasure, and surprise. Laughter is an actual exhale that allows you to release stress. Play is the opposite of rules and responsibility. It can balance out a busy life.

Getting outside exposes us to Vitamin D which helps strengthen bones and helps the immune system stay healthy. Studies have shown that Vitamin D helps combat certain kinds of cancer, and you only need a minimum of 15 minutes a day  Best of all — it’s free!

You can see things from a different angle when you are not immersed in them. Getting away from the day-to-day can allow a perspective that is a bit more objective. You are removed from seeing things and people so closely and can think about situations differently. Getting away from work may let you see that work is not your whole life, it’s a portion of it. There are other things to value: people, nature, quiet, peace, a view, and laughter.

Rather than continue to be stressed – take a break. You may find that you return to work talking a bit slower and maybe breathing a bit easier. And that may reduce the stress for those you work with.

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