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Face Time NOT Facebook

Admittedly, it’s a little ironic to write a blog and promote it on social media when the topic is about making more time for face time and less focus on Facebook. There is room for both, but it sometimes feels like the latter is squeezing out the former.

I’m on Facebook, and LinkedIn, I’ve got a website, a blog, I contribute to a few other web sites, and I admit to Tweeting and following other folks who Tweet (and I don’t call them Twits!) But my communication vehicle of choice is old fashioned, face-to-face time, preferably one-on-one. I know it’s old-school, old fashioned, labor and time intensive. People often cancel on me, beg to re-schedule, come late or leave early. It might be over a meal, a cup of coffee or with wine. It might be at a mutually convenient and neutral location.

Face time is the best way to build relationships. Sharing information, asking questions, listening, paying attention to both the verbal and non-verbal cues, sharing a laugh – all those things go into developing rapport. Over time, making time for others is what builds the foundation for trust and support.

Nothing is more effective or more efficient that talking to someone live, in real-time and in person. I can talk faster than you can type. I can pick up visual clues about someone’s mood that you can miss over the phone. I’m betting that this is true for you as well.

Email is great for data. If you want to share information and facts – send it along. But to develop trust, resolve a conflict, and truly connect – turn off the technology. Go meet up with someone and look into the face of someone who is looking back at you. It can make all the difference.


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