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Don’t Focus on the Foam

  • Did you see who he/she is dating?
  • Do you know how much the GOP/Democrats has raised for Mitt Romney’s/Barack Obama’s campaign?
  • How much did Ann Romney/Michelle Obama’s dress/jacket/tee shirt cost?
  • Did you hear that she dyes/straightens/cuts/pulls her hair?
  • Did you hear who came/out, passed out, got left out?

I don’t always understand how the 4th estate seems so eager to lure our focus from the truly important issues to the matters that are unnecessary and truly trivial. Gaffe’s, income, education, and birth certificate’s pale in contrast to a discussion about lifting people out of poverty, reducing the national debt, repairing a failing infrastructure, and bolstering a weakened economy.

Why doesn’t anyone focus repeatedly and consistently on getting someone to come up with a substantive plan to address real concerns, not the media-foam, (those issues that are kicked up by others).  These talking heads get on camera to further an agenda that has little to do with mine or most people I know. Why do we care what Cheney, Emanuel, Rove, Axelrod, Palin or McCain have to say about someone else? Everyone can have an opinion, but whose opinion truly counts and matters most?

Perhaps because no one can talk about a well defined plan to solve any problems.  they toss out distractions – things that they hope will keep people from asking those really hard questions. If anyone tries to hard to get their questions addressed, they are rebuffed with the implication that the attempt to get an answer is rude rather than the evasion.

Do we really want to focus on what Casey Anthony is doing now when there has been an uptick in people taking guns and going on killing sprees? Were we told to stop making purchases that we couldn’t afford and save money for that rainy day by the same people who are now blaming us for a lack of confidence in consumer spending?

If someone has a solution that includes a well defined plan with a direct line to the desired outcomes, I wish they would share it because I’d sure like to hear it. I thought the idea was to hold the the candidates and elected officials accountable for seemingly not taking the lead in healthcare initiatives, legislation, debt reduction,  and education reform . I thought we would be talking about and maybe arguing over improving the education, health, and income of our citizens (especially our at-risk children in general). I thought we’d hold our elected officials accountable for the lack of progress on our behalf and replace them if they couldn’t figure out ways to work together on our behalf.

I see it in organizations I work with as well. People focus on personality clashes, annoying habits, things they don’t approve of, or perceptions based on dislike. These distractions become the focus of the workday rather than something to see as minor compared to the  important focus of what we are here to do: get the product or service out the door.

All the other stuff that makes the headlines is a ruse; a well crafted hoax of  false issues created to distract us from what we said we wanted and truly need.We shouldn’t be so easily distracted by who is dating who, what they are wearing, and what sports they play.

Let’s aim for keeping our focus and finding a leader, not a story.

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