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Could It Be You?

Could you be the person who makes a positive impact in the way that your organization does business?

Imagine if you could have a hand in creating a work climate where everyone could hold their head up high and be proud of what they do with your organization  – and people rose up to protest the bad practices of others.

You could help create a moral code of business ethics based on honesty, integrity, and quality.  

It’s about changing the world in which you work and creating a climate where everyone in your firm is expected to behave ethically; where executives who attempt to drag the organization into an unethical swampland find that nobody’s willing to carry out their orders.

A critical mass that embraces the idea that high ethical standards in possible and actually more profitable may sound optimistic but I think expecting positive outcomes gets you closer to achieving positive outcomes. While positive expectancy may sound like a Pollyanna-ish approach, we can look at history to find some proof that is can also be a powerful focus:  desegregation, the taking down of the Berlin Wall, and the end of apartheid. Regular folks, just like you and me, made amazing things happen.

So why not espouse the following:

  • We are more likely to succeed when we behave with honesty, quality and integrity.
  • We focus on the triple bottom line (financial (fiscal), environmental (think green) and social impact (service learning) rather than only profits.
  • We take into consideration the needs and desires of our employees, suppliers, community neighbors, competition, Board members, and other stakeholders and empower them to communicate with us on an ongoing basis.

It’s true that there will always be someone who comes along who wants to cheat their way to profits, omit critical information in order to reduce objections and attain a goal faster, or look for the loophole that allows behavior that while not actually wrong, doesn’t look right. But if those folks can’t find people who will look the other way, can’t entice colleagues to do their unethical work for them, it will be harder for them.

You could stand up for ethical behavior at work and encourage others to do the same. It isn’t just right – it’s good business.

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