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Caffeinated Conversations

coffee cupsClients, friends, colleagues, the folks that follow me on Twitter or connect with me on LinkedIn all know that I’m a coffee lover. I’ll rarely turn down the chance to meet over a cup of caffeine. I like to find the new places that cater to coffee drinkers and I support my favorites as often as I can.

For me, coffee is like comfort food. My mom and dad had coffee and ‘something’ (pie, cake, a cookie) when the 11:00 pm news came on. It was the end of the day ‘catch up’ with one another in the house where I grew up. I associate the aroma with the feeling of connection and intellectual and emotional sharing.

My folks are no longer living, but I find that I reproduce the same sense of connectivity every day with others. It might be emotional, intellectual, a first-time meet up, finding time to finally catch up with a friend, supporting, being supported, problem solving, working, planning, or simply laughing – it’s often done over coffee.

Coffee wasn’t always so stylish, but it’s always been a staple. The best diners often serve the best coffee but you can enjoy your cup at the local wi-fi locally sourced/roasted/ground hot spot, the greasy spoon place that has plenty of chrome, or your own living room or kitchen table. It might be Keuriged, perked, dripped or french pressed.

Coffee shops today always seem to have an interesting mix of people, and sometimes they come and go in waves:  the runners and early morning gym rats, the moms with strollers, the business meetings, the folks who want to grab a quality cup on the go, students off to class, the people who need a non-home office, professionals who have networking meetings, retired folks who have created a structure to their day – all deciding to leaving home for their cup of coffee.

You can plan, dream, share, plot or confess over coffee. It can serve as a prop for your conversation – a vehicle that takes some of the focus off of all the attention being on you.

You can savor the taste and appreciate the aroma. But can have a few cups, witch over to decaffeinated or linger over a single cup. you can combine it with foamy steamed milk, a shot of flavoring, add in or replace it with espresso, sweeten it with real or artificial sweetener, or stick with  your basic black.

But if you want to connect, I’d do that over a cup of coffee.

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