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Caffeine Connection

I try not to immediately add salt to my food. I learned that it’s an acquired taste and I can un-acquire it (except perhaps for corn on the cob). I learned to enjoy wines and keep that enjoyment in moderation. I’ve started a new exercise program (that’s a blog-post for later) in hopes of improving my wellness quotient. Sometimes, it feels like the only ‘vice’ I have left is caffeine. And if you know me – you know, I’ll meet almost anyone to connect over a cup.

It’s not all about the caffeine for me. I learned to drink coffee with my parents. My mom would serve my Dad a cup of coffee with a piece of cake, or pie, or some cookies at about 10:00 pm on the nights he was home. When I was old enough to join in, it was the way we connected at the end of the day, before the news was heard and discussed. The warmth and aroma serve to provide the sense memory for the experience. At some level, I connect coffee with intellectual and emotional connection.

In November and December (and sometimes January too), I meet with my past, current and prospective clients to talk about the coming year. Whether it’s a management training program, facilitating a retreat or a series of meetings, a speaking engagement for an event, or working with someone for one-on-one guided execution, I want to hear about how we can work together to accomplish their objectives. I like catching up with them. Their stories add to my understanding of their organizational culture.  While confidentiality and professional digression prevent me from sharing the details, it adds to my examples when I work and helps everyone I work with feel less alone, and hopeful that there are solutions to even the thorniest interpersonal dilemma.

Almost all of my work comes to me through referral. Either someone has seen me at work, or knows someone who has worked with me.  Due to the nature of what I do, I don’t always get to be in the right place at the right time. I work to develop relationships so that when the moment DOES occur and someone who needs my expertise is ready, they know how to find me.

In view of the fact that we are all busy and perhaps unavailable or too far away to connect for coffee, I invite you to sign up to receive the RSS feed for this weekly blog. I encourage you to add you name to the distribution list for my quarterly newsletter. Let’s stay in touch over the coming year and when I can be of service, I hope you’ll let me know.

And if there is time for coffee  – let me know that too.

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