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Ask to Be Safe

In preparation for a recent presentation  I met with the facilities manager at the site and got a tour of the building. When I asked about the emergency exits, her face lit up!

“In all of my years working here, no one has ever asked me that question!” she said.


I got a detailed tour of where the emergency exits were located, walked through the hallways to the parking garages, and saw the route people would take that would lead them outside. One of the exit doors was actually a well concealed panel in the wall so had I not asked, I’m not sure I would have been able to locate it quickly

I’m happy to report that this was another routine training program where the only reason people left their seats during the program was to replenish their caffeine.

After the events in Aurora, Colorado last Friday, I am even more certain that the time it takes to learn about how to get out of a meeting room and the building safely is well worth it. Like the review of the plane exits, details about the emergency landing gear, and and oxygen masks on airline flights,  people tune out. We assume it’s not relevant for for us.

But we never know when information we screen out will be the very information we need. In this time of information overload, it’s hard not to cherry-pick the data we think is relevant for our needs and goals.  I know that knowing where the emergency exits are may not change a thing when the plane is in trouble or a disaster hits.

But it might make all the difference.So please take note.


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